We aim to supply world class instruction to members, family and guests of Trump National DC. Always trying to exceed expectations with both the standard of instruction and service provided.

The instructors here at The Trump National Academy will always try to stay current or ahead of recent methods and techniques to further help all students.

Our goal is to improve all students and help work together to meet desired targets. We specialize in an holistic approach helping to improve all aspects of golf including: basic technique, course management, club fitting, fitness & flexibility and the mental approach. Using innovative, personally tailored coaching methods to enable pupils to make the most of their potential and to improve their performance, our instructors deliver a range of coaching styles, from the highly technical to more traditional.

Our team of instructors has a vast world wide experience of improving golfers enjoyment of the game through instruction. Having all taught a range of abilities from beginners through to top amateurs and touring professionals. Utilizing fantastic long and short game facilities, we can provide a comprehensive instruction program, putting The Trump National Academy at the forefront of golf coaching throughout the world.

Our Learning Center is a state of the art, temperature controlled teaching facility. The center includes three hitting bays, one used primarily for private instruction and the other two are used for students to practice during inclement weather. The center includes a putting studio and a multi-camera video system that can analyze your swing and ball flight.

We offer custom-tailored programs by our staff of PGA Professionals. Individual lessons, group lessons, clinics and playing lessons are all available to men, women, juniors and seniors.

  • Instruction
    • Member Lesson Rates - Director of Instruction and Director of Golf

      Hour - $125
      30 minutes - $65
      3 Hours $345
      5 Hours $550
      7 Hours $725
      10 Hours $1000

      Coach for the Year $1500
      Included in the Coach of the Year package is 12 hours of Instruction. The hours can be used on short game, full swing and on course lessons. It also includes Practice with the Pro sessions 4 times a month from April 1st to October 31st. It also includes a GAME GOLF package which allows the student to get real data during the student's round of golf. Overall value of $2400

      Coach of the Year (Half Year) $800
      Includes 6 hours of Instruction and Practice with the Pro for 3 times a month.

      Assistant Professional Prices
      Hour - $100
      30 minutes - $55
      60 Minute Packages
      3 Hours $270
      5 Hours $425
      7 Hours $560
      10 Hours $800

      Club Fitting
      $60 for Driver Fitting
      $60 for Iron Fitting
      $60 for Wedge Fitting
      $60 for Putter Fitting
      $150 for total bag fitting

  • Junior Camps
    • 'Grow The Game'
      In an effort to further improve our already successful junior golf program at the Trump National Golf Academy, we are proud to announce our new initiative to ‘grow the game’.

      At the Trump National Golf Academy, our mission is to provide the best coaching, facilities and learning environment that allows junior golfers of all ages to reach their true potential.

      Every individual is unique; knowing that everyone is different, we have created a unique approach to golf development and no matter what program you attend at the Trump National Golf Academy, we will adopt an holistic approach to give every student the ultimate opportunity to be your best.

      Our target is to develop golf skills (technical/mental/strategic), fitness and character thus producing well rounded and balanced young golfers.

      “Our goal is to create a junior golf academy environment that is inspiring and motivating, providing the structure and tools to allow our students to reach their full potential.”

      Although many of our golf programs are delivered in-group training, we believe in individualized plans for further improvement, creating custom training programs for each student based on their individual needs and goals. We get to know our juniors, their strengths and talents, as well as the areas that hold them back from being their best.

      PGA Junior League
      This is the 3rd year for PGA Junior League at Trump. PGA Junior league is like little league for golf. The team will practice beginning in March and then play matches against local clubs starting in May. Most matches will be on the weekend later in the day.  You must be no older than 13 by Aug 1 2017 to be eligible.
      Junior Lesson Rates
      30 minutes: $45
      60 minutes: $80
      5 hour package: $350
      10 lesson Package: $700


Membership at Trump National Golf Club, Washington DC provides a lifestyle of uncompromising personalized service, luxurious amenities and attention to detail that create a lifetime of memories.

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