Trump National Golf Academy  

The Trump National Golf Academy provides world-class instruction to golfers of all skill levels. Our highly educated and experienced team of instructors will improve the golfer’s technique and enjoyment of the game through concise instruction.

Our goal is to improve all golfer’s technique by working together to meet desired targets, and ultimately growing the golfer’s level of play. We specialize in a holistic approach helping to improve all aspects of golf including: basic technique, course management, club fitting, fitness & flexibility and the mental approach. Using innovative, personally tailored coaching methods to enables students to make the most of their potential and to improve their performance. Our instructors deliver a range of coaching styles to suit each student’s technique.

By utilizing our fantastic team of instructors and state of the art long and short game facilities, we provide a comprehensive instruction program, placing Trump National at the forefront of coaching.

Our Learning Center is a state of the art, temperature controlled teaching facility. The center includes three hitting bays, one used primarily for private instruction and the other two are used for students to practice during inclement weather. The center includes a putting studio and a multiple state of the art training aids and golf instructional technologies, including Trackman and BodiTrak.  

Boditrak Pressure Mat  

Trump National is pleased to offer new technology for the 2018 golf season.  Boditrak is a pressure mat that you stand on while you swing that measures body pressure and weight transfer throughout the swing. The mat gives us an understanding on how you use the ground to create power and balance. For more information visit

Trackman Combine Challenge  

This year we will have a Trackman combine challenge. It is a contest that measures your ball striking capabilities with a 60 shot test giving each shot a score of up to 100 based on distance control and accuracy. The cost is $60 per person which will go into the prize fund. At the end of the session the instructor will go over your scores and will be able to give you a guide on which part of your game to focus on going forward.  

The competition will be broken down into divisions based on gender and handicap.  

Men’s Divisions
17 and higher  

Ladies Divisions
19 and higher

Private Instruction  
We offer custom-tailored programs by our staff of PGA Professionals. Individual lessons, group lessons, clinics and playing lessons are all available to men, women, juniors and seniors.

Golf Lessons Rates are:

Director of Golf and Director of Instruction: 
1 Hour $135
30 Minutes $75
3 hours $360
5 hours $575
7 hours $750
10 hours $1,100  

Assistant Professional Prices:
1 Hour $110
30 Minutes $65
3 hours $300
5 hours $460
7 hours $600
10 hours $875.

  • Instruction
    • Member Lesson Rates - Director of Instruction and Director of Golf

      Hour - $125
      30 minutes - $65
      3 Hours $345
      5 Hours $550
      7 Hours $725
      10 Hours $1000

      Coach for the Year $1500
      Included in the Coach of the Year package is 12 hours of Instruction. The hours can be used on short game, full swing and on course lessons. It also includes Practice with the Pro sessions 4 times a month from April 1st to October 31st. It also includes a GAME GOLF package which allows the student to get real data during the student's round of golf. Overall value of $2400

      Coach of the Year (Half Year) $800
      Includes 6 hours of Instruction and Practice with the Pro for 3 times a month.

      Assistant Professional Prices
      Hour - $100
      30 minutes - $55
      60 Minute Packages
      3 Hours $270
      5 Hours $425
      7 Hours $560
      10 Hours $800

      Club Fitting
      $60 for Driver Fitting
      $60 for Iron Fitting
      $60 for Wedge Fitting
      $60 for Putter Fitting
      $150 for total bag fitting

  • Junior Golf
    • Trump National Golf Academy

      2018 Junior Golf Programming

      Score 40  

      The 2018 Junior Golf program will consist of three 6 week sessions The goal of the program is to move kids through the program by shooting a targeted score of 40 for 9 holes from certain distances.  

      Kids will be promoted through shooting 40 from distances of 50,100, 150, 200 yards and then different sets of tees for 9 holes. The classes will be taught by age unless skill places them with older kids.  

      The 6 week program will take place 1-2 times a week depending on age. Kids will be awarded each time they pass a yardage test for 9 holes.  

      The 6 week program will include a specific lesson plan focusing on all aspects of the game with the biggest focus on scoring. Testing will take place before each 6 week session starts and ends. Testing can also take place with any parent or Professional at anytime during the year.  

      Session #1 begins April 16
      Session #2 begins June 5
      Session #3 begins August 27

      Ages 6-9 Wednesday 4:45pm-5:45pm $210 per student.
      Ages 10-13 Tuesday 4:45pm-5:45pm and Thursday 4:45pm-5:45pm $350 per student
      Ages 14-16 Tuesday and Thursdays 6pm-7pm $350 per Student  

      All kids must take a rules and etiquette class at the beginning of the year. The first Rules and Etiquette Class is scheduled for Saturday April 14 at 4 pm.   

      PGA Junior League

      PGA Junior League is a Spring and Fall golf program for children ages 8 – 12. The program consists of 3 team practices for each season and 4 to 5 matches against local teams in the area. The format is a 2 person scramble. Each team will have 10 – 12 players, made up of boys and girls of all skill levels.  

      This year we are also including additional instruction with the team broken down into 4- 6 player pods and receiving 4 additional hours of instruction concentrating on basic fundamentals and on course instruction. The pods will be put in place once the teams are determined and will be broken down by skill level.  

      PGA Junior League Practice - Wednesday 6 pm-7 pm and Saturday 3 pm-5 pm
      April 18, 25, 28
      May 5, 9, 16

      Junior League matches on weekends.  

      Sign up PGA Junior League HERE

      Junior Golf Camps  

      Golf camps are the perfect opportunity for kids to learn and play golf. During camp, kids will learn the basic fundamentals and etiquette of golf with an emphasis on having fun. This camp will include full swing, chipping, pitching, putting and on course instruction. Junior Golf Camp is scheduled Tuesday - Friday and runs from 1:00 pm - 4:00pm. Cost is $250 for members and $300 for guests.     To sign up for Junior Golf Camp, email John O'Leary ([email protected])  

      Golf Camp Dates
      June 26 - 29
      July 17 - 20
      July 24 - 27
      **July 31 - Aug 3 (Full Day Camp 9am - 3pm... members = $400 guests = $475)
      August 7 - 10
      August 14 - 17